MARQUETTE — Stop… in the name of new development. As commercial development continues along US-41, officials continue to develop safer roads because with more shopping comes more traffic.

A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of US-41 and Brickyard Road in Marquette. The Michigan Department of Transportation says the light is being installed because of increased traffic in that area.

Manager of the Transportation Service Center, Aaron Johnson said, “Well just with the increased commercial development through the years, you know, development is a good thing but the turning movements have been such that it warrants the placing of a safe option for the motorists in that area; and Brickyard road was chosen as the most suitable spot.”

The intersection is near major retailers like Lowe’s, TJ Max, and Best Buy. The installation of the light begins on Wednesday, June 10th and will flash yellow. The signal’s full activation begins June 17th with green, yellow and red phases for all directions.