MARQUETTE — We all love Lake Superior and the businesses that are near it, but what are the best things surrounding the lake?

That’s what Lake Superior Magazine is trying to figure out once again. The popular magazine is hosting it’s “Best of the Lake” survey separated into the four territories that surround the lake; Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, and Michigan. The survey asks the public for their favorite venues, scenic views, and much more about what surrounds Lake Superior.

“This contest is an opportunity for us to really highlight a lot of the great areas in Marquette,” said Promotions and Events Coordinator Tara Laase-McKinney, “we have wonderful restaurants, great shopping, beautiful sites to see, all sorts of great things in the area.”

All votes must be submitted by June first. The results will be published in Lake Superior Magazine’s August and September issue. If you wish to complete the sixteen question survey, click here.