NEGAUNEE — Today, Save the Wild U.P. kicked off it’s summer event schedule.

Thursday’s event consisted of a hike through the Caving Grounds of Negaunee’s Old Town District. This area of Negaunee isn’t inhabited anymore, but it has lots of stories to tell.

“The Caving Grounds is a very storied but forgotten, in many ways, part of the Iron Ranges recent history, and we’re hoping to share some of those stories and bring out the voices from the past,” said Kathleen Heideman, the president of Save the Wild U.P.

Save the Wild U–P is all about protecting the area’s wildlife, landscape and natural resources. You may think that old house foundations and sinking mine shafts might not go along with that idea, but Heideman says otherwise.

“The mines come in offering jobs, just as these mines came in offering jobs and nobody really thinks up front about the social costs or the cost to the environment later. So it’s just a nice reflection looking back on what happened in one place in Negaunee,” Heideman added.

Save the Wild U.P. has more events coming up this summer.

If you’re interested in joining them for another excursion follow this link.