MARQUETTE COUNTY — It’s the Yooper way; if you see a need… fill it.

That is exactly what the newly formed friends of Harlow Lake, did. Harlow Lake area consists of miles of trails with sandy beaches. The area on the left side of Marquette County road 550 headed north was in despair and needed some attention.

“We had a pretty rough winter, a lot of trees came down, deer like to use this area as a winter ground so there is a lot of deer poop on the trail, so there is a lot of work to be done on the trails. There are a lot of water crossings, we have some really old board walks that need some repairs, so I am excited to say we have a Friends of Harlow Lake group now. We don’t have enough people to work out here, so they saw a need and volunteered to help, so it was pretty cool,” said Doug Barry, Michigan DNR.

The group will concentrate on trail maintenance and improvements as many use the area for fishing, hiking, biking snow snowshoeing and cross county skiing.

“It’s special to me because well, Lake Superior, it’s called the jewel of Lake Superior. If you go out to Lake Superior, there is Sandy beach, then granite outcroppings, then another sandy beach and just gorgeous spectacular views, features, natural features on this property,” continued Barry.

“Friends of Harlow Lake” have already gotten a jump on the upcoming season with some recently cleaned trails and a newly installed bridge. The DNR had some new uniquely designed benches added to the area for resting. If you want to help out and join “Friends of Harlow Lake” with their trail maintenance efforts, call the DNR at (906) 228–2500.