Sentences handed down, pleas made in meth cases

MARQUETTE — Two were sentenced and three made plea deals in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday morning in various cases involving meth.

Two Ishpeming men accused of making meth on a snowmobile trail in Ishpeming Township in March were given their sentences. 37–year–old Daniel Tonge and 24–year–old Bradley Merrills were each handed a sentence of 18 months probation plus 11 months in jail with credit for time served.

Before being sentenced, Merrills expressed his desire to change.

“I’ve been an addict for many years, but I’m ready to get help now,” he said. “Since my daughter’s passing, I’ve went overboard, and I realize that, but I no longer want to be the guy I was.”

Both men pleaded guilty to possession of meth back in April.

Later in the morning, two suspects in the case of a meth lab discovered near Ishpeming High School at the end of February entered plea agreements. 39–year–old Bradley Helsten pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to manufacture or deliver meth. 51–year–old Gerald Humphreys, Junior, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture meth. Other charges pending for the pair will be dismissed as part of the plea agreement. They will both be sentenced on June 30th.

Additionally, 32–year–old Joshua Bowen entered a plea of guilty to the charge of operating or maintaining a meth lab. Bowen and two others were living in a hotel in Harvey when Chocolay Township Police, UPSET, and parole officers found meth–making components in several of the motel’s rooms on January 27th. He will also be sentenced on June 30th.