Prison sentence handed down in home invasion case

MARQUETTE — An Illinois man involved in a home invasion in Marquette in July of 2014 is headed to prison.

29-year-old Steven Helwig of River Grove, Illinois was sentenced to three to fifteen years in prison in Marquette County Circuit Court this morning. He was given credit for 298 days served.

Defense attorney Derek Swajanen challenged whether the consideration of Helwig as a leader in the crime under the OV 14 statute was consistent with sentences of other suspects in the case. Prosecuting attorney Judd Spray fought the challenge.

“He identified the house. He said, ‘this is where it is, drive here, drive there. Clearly that makes him a leader, your Honor,” said Spray. “I find it difficult to understand why — well, as I said, a general leads. [He] doesn’t necessarily do the fighting, but he does lead, and that’s what we have in this case.”

The challenge was overruled by Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

Helwig pleaded guilty to breaking and entering with intent on April 17th. He was arrested along with three others after they allegedly held a Marquette homeowner at gun point, stealing a large quantity of medical marijuana, guitars, and a gun from the residence. The suspects were caught after fleeing police in Menominee.