$140,000 raised from “Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style”

MARQUETTE — Breaking fund raising records for the third year in a row, Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style took place last night.

Dancers tapped, jigged and tango’d to a sold out crowd and a sold out live viewing reception. Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style organizers surprised even themselves when they raised one hundred and forty thousand dollars for their foundation.

“So we have this amazing program called the Make A Memory Program, and at the core the mission is to get people back to living. Take the burden and the stress away and focus on the last few weeks and months of you or your loved ones life. It is a precious, precious time in life and I can’t think of a better way for a foundation to spend it’s money,” said Jeff Nyquist, CEO, U.P. Home Health & Hospice.

Danielle and Dan Pemble walked away with the coveted Mirror Ball award. Fan favorites went to Jill and Zach Leonard as they raising eighteen thousand dollars as a couple.
But the real award goes to the families that Hospice supports.

“I just have to say thank you to everyone, there is over 70 people that give over 3,000 hours over the last few months, numerous people who are basically doing a part–time job for months that believe in this so much, it’s just overwhelming, in a positive way.

You can contact U.P. Home Health and hospice via their website, www.uphomehealth.org.