Team Leonard gears up for Dancing with the Stars

MARQUETTE — Coming up this week is one of the UP’s biggest fundraisers. Dancing with the Stars, Marquette County Style is this Thursday.

There are eight couples competing this year and the Leonards were chosen to dance in a Bluegrass Jig style. Zach is an orthopedic surgeon in Marquette, and his wife Jill is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stang decisions. Like most of the couples, they don’t have a lot of experience with dancing.

“The dancing part, we’ve kind of laid awake at night wondering how we could get out of this, many nights. Trying to fake an injury or do something or don’t we have something we can do? You know, can we…do an extra fundraiser to get out of it? But, the dancing is starting to come together,” said Jill.

Fortunately the fundraising part of the competition seems to be going a little better. Jill says she likes entertaining, so it comes naturally to her.

“We’ve had fun all along. We’ve had some good fundraising and we’ve had lots of people who’ve been very generous. Jill’s worked extremely hard on fundraising for this great cause so we’re just honored that we could help out,” added Zach.

Unfortunately tickets for the show sold out in record time.
But if you want to vote for your favorite couple and donate to a good cause, follow this link.