Iron artifacts unearthed

NEGAUNEE — Newly discovered Industrial forge artifacts will now become a permanent part of the Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee.

The recently unearthed artifacts were excavated by Michigan Technological University archaeologists that the museum contracted. After the objects were du dug up, it didn’t take a lot more digging to decided where to display them.

“This is an area where if you look out the window you can see where the forge site was, so we are incorporating a lot of our artifacts into our permanent gallery right here where visitors can walk down the ramp and actually look at the location where the artifacts were unearthed and learn about the forge site while they are looking at it,” said Historian Troy Henderson, Iron Industry Museum.

The Michigan Iron Industry Museum is one of eleven nationally accredited museums administered by the Michigan Historical Center and it is listed on the National Register of Historic places.

“I like the artifact “The Bloom” because you can get an up close look at it and see iron and charcoal mixed together. For some reason it was discarded and archaeologists found it and just looking at it you get a sense of the raw materials that were used to forge iron on site here,” continued Henderson.

The forge artifact exhibit is just one of five phases the museum is adding over the next few years. The museum is open every day, all year round with free admission.