Wisslers heat up competition for DWTS Marquette County Style

MARQUETTE — In under a week, one of the U.P.’s biggest fundraisers will be taking place. Dancing with The Stars Marquette County Style is Thursday, and all eight couples are working right up to the eleventh hour to perfect their dance moves.

The Wisslers are one of those couples. Stephen is a dentist at the Pines at Fair Dentistry and Deborah is a hygienist. While they’re pretty good at making your teeth sparkle, they say their dancing skills were a little lackluster before the competition.

“When you’re out on the dance floor at a wedding, you’re just ad-libbing, you’re doing what feels good and of course you’re feeling great and you think you’re a great dancer. You realize what kind of dancer you really are when you have someone say, ‘okay, now put your foot here, twist there, and do it to that beat and be back and come on and do it again.'” said Stephen.

“When it’s choreographed,” added Deborah.

“Choreography is very difficult. I thought I had rhythm, but I don’t know,” said Wissler.

Fortunately, their skills seem to have improved. But, whether they win or not, the pair says they were excited to be chosen for the competition.

“It’s a very good cause, it’s very worthy and it’s near and dear to our hearts. When my father passed, hospice was a big part in his, in our family and his ending. So it was very important to us and we’re glad we had this opportunity,” Deborah added.

Unfortunately tickets to the show sold out in record time. But, you can still donate to a good cause. If you’d like to vote for your favorites, click here.