MARQUETTE — Big Bay is the place to be this weekend as the Big Bay Relay is set to take off in Marquette.

This event is a Noquemanon Trail Network spring tradition in the Upper Peninsula. The Big Bay Relay raises money for NTN trail maintenance and the Skijoring Club. The event is celebrating almost years years of big fun and big accomplishments.

“We raise funds to keep our K–9 friends on the trail and we advocate for leave no trace and the great thing about this race is the history behind it, it is 39 years old and we have families that have been doing it for years that aren’t even locals here in Marquette,” said Nicole Dewald, NTN Director.

Runners will meet up at eight am at the Kaufman Sports Complex and relay it twenty–five miles to Big Bay. But there are a few fun rules to follow.

“You need five people, you have a support vehicle and one person at a time runs one mile increments all the way up to the Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay. We also have a junior division.

Dewald wants to advise motorists that they will be sharing County Road 553 on Saturday from 8am til about 11:00 a.m., so be patient and feel free to send them a friendly toot for support.