Nyberg’s “Dance like the Egyptians” for DWTS Marquette County Style

MARQUETTE — Whether you are a samba, bluegrass, swing or tango dance fan, you get to see and experience all of the above next week during the favorited, Dancing with the stars Marquette County Style (DWTS) event and fundraiser for U.P. Hospice.

Tracy and Dave Nyberg say they are new to Marquette but they are getting use to the Yooper way, and participating in this event makes them feel part of the community. But one area they seem to be well accustomed to is fundraising.

“I have a big fundraiser coming this Saturday, it is actually kind of a finally fundraiser, and it’s called tour de U–P, and it’s a craft beer sampling event at the Marquette Commons from 5 until 7, it is $25 per ticket. There is going to be food from Boarder Grill, we have craft beers donated from Upper Hand Brewing Company, Ore Dock brewing Company, Cognition brewing company, along with silent raffle items, silent auction items and door prizes. Hopefully that will knock our fundraising effort up a little bit and bring it down the stretch. I think winning in context to this event really is raising as much as you can for hospice, and that’s really what the ultimate goal is, and we have had a lot of fun doing that, and we have learned some new moves,” said Dave Nyberg, DWTS dance participant.

“They’ve put so much effort forth not only on the dance floor but in fundraising as well,” said Maggie Barch, Dance Instructor.

And the fund raising doesn’t stop there for the Nybergs, they also have raffles taking place with fly fishing adventures, two hundred and fifty dollars worth of food as well as veterinarian care. To continue to keep things interesting, the Nybergs and Maggie are hoping to wow the audience with an Egyptian Cabaret dance.

“I think it is unique as people aren’t familiar with it but it is not as unique as people think it is once they are familiar with it. They have done really well being able to master different movements and the steps,” continued Barch.

If you want to join in on the voting fun, visit www.uphomehealth.org.