ISHPEMING — Just under 1,000 students at Aspen Ridge School honored ACES day by walking around their school and Westwood High School.

Project ACES was created by a physical education teacher in 1989 to help motivate children to exercise. ACES stands for ‘All Children Exercise Simultaneously’ and the students did just that.

“It’s an event we’ve been putting on in the springtime for the last few years,” said Gym Teacher Ryan Reichel, “each year we’re trying to make it bigger and better than the last, and this year seems like it’s just been perfect especially with the bad weather we’ve had lately.”

Among the students in the walk were Aspen Ridge teachers and staff, and family members of the students. The walk was escorted by The Ishpeming Township Fire Department. With another successful year, the school is already looking forward to next year.

“We’re limited,” Reichel continued, “but also at the same time we want these kids to value this experience and this day and hopefully moving forward that we can get more people involved.”

During the ACES Day event in the past few years, over one thousand Michigan schools have participated in celebration of physical fitness and health.