MARQUETTE — You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach members of the Marquette Senior Center how to golf.

They might be beginner golfers, but they don’t need a long drive to get here. U.P. SportsPlex has partnered with the Marquette Senior Center to offer beginner golf lessons taught by Doug Smith for just thirty dollars. These lessons have three class dates that teach everything from grip to follow through in order to help new players take on this challenging sport.

“Golf is supposed to be fun, however; it is very frustrating,” said U.P. SportsPlex General Manager Doug Smith, “but we do have the facilities, we have a nine hole miniature golf course so we can do everything from full golf swing to working on our putting all within the facility and it is not effected at all by the outside weather.”

The first class consists of nine people who will be able to take more lessons after if they choose to. At this time there are over twenty people on the waiting list for the next group of sessions. Due to high demand, two more beginner courses will be offered after Memorial Day.

“To see the response for the community of our seniors and our new seniors in particular has just been incredible,” continued Smith, “hopefully it just increases the number of golfers in our community, which will then spill over into more support for our local golf club.”

To register or find more information, contact the Marquette Senior Center.