IRON MOUNTAIN — It was Career Day at the VA today.

Buses pulled up, students got off but it was not your typical career day. These students from Kingsford, Iron Mountain and Norway high schools got to tour the VA Medical center and learn about clinical and non clinical careers. Law enforcement seemed to draw a big crowd as well as questions.

“I knew someone who was a police officer and he always had nice stories to tell so it seems like it would be a fun job. There are some sketchy areas but as a police officer you have to go with it,” said Neis Grolimund, Kingsford High School Junior.

Tori Walters wants to be a police officer because “I grew u watching cop shows and CSI and it just interests me with all the different technology and things you have to go through, it just interests me.”

‘I think it will be fun to catch bad guys,” said John Fayas, Kingsford High School Junior.

But not all students knew what they wanted to do. But that was o–k as that is exactly the purpose of career day.

“As a sophomore they need to start looking and planning. The classes that they take during high school make a difference. I am hoping this will inspire them to do the research and really think about the classes that they are taking rather than taking a class because a friend is,” said Nancy Jayne, Counselor, Kingsford H.S.

Along with seeing what it would be like to work in the health care profession, students were shown salaries for some of the various positions.