NCAA looking to reduce shot clock to 30 seconds

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — According to NCAA rules committee chairman Rick Byrd, the committee will look to reduce the shot clock to 30 seconds.

A 30–second shot clock has already been experimented with in some postseason tournaments, including the NIT. NMU head coach Bill Sall gave his take on the matter and he says he’s all for it.

“Transition is going to be a way bigger deal for us. We’re going to be able to push the ball up the floor, run a quicker set. Five seconds doesn’t seem like that much time, but in the same breath, if you really incorporate that into a possession, I think it’s going to be huge as far as the pace of the game picking up,” Sall said.

The numbers have shown that scoring has been down significantly in the past few years and this move is looking to change that with a more up–tempo game.

“Attendance is down everywhere, as far as overall college basketball so I think by making the game more up and down, I think it becomes more fan friendly and I think overall, everyone’s perception is if we can get some more scoring, we’re going to be able to have more exciting brand to put out there,” said Sall.

The committee will hopefully make its decision during next week’s meetings in Indianapolis.