MARQUETTE — Two more sentences were delivered in meth cases in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday morning.

40–year–old John Heribacka will be heading to prison for his involvement in a pair of meth labs, including one containing the largest amount of meth–related components ever in Marquette County. Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi handed down a sentence of 15 months to 20 years with credit for 203 days served. Prior to receiving sentencing, Heribacka spoke about his situation.

“Me being in jail probably was a good thing, ’cause I was at a bad point in my life,” he said. “So I never thought I’d say that, but I guess everything happens for a reason, so I mean, I do admit that it is my fault. It’s no one else’s fault, so whatever happens today happens.”

“The crime at issue here is one that unfortunately I think we’re addressing every Friday, and it’s a crime that does stem in part from addiction, and that’s clearly an issue here,” said Judge Mazzuchi. “The nature of this drug addiction is one that is unlike other drugs, in which it has a very immediate and definable impact on [the] community and other residents of the home.”

Heribacka had pleaded guilty to operating or maintaining a meth lab in March. He and his co–defendant, 37–year–old Jesondra Pennala, were arrested in October after UPSET discovered two meth labs on Marble and Oak Streets in Ishpeming. Pennala was sentenced to a short jail term and probation in February.

Prior to Heribacka’s sentencing, 19–year–old Ishpeming resident Kyle Dorow received his sentence. Dorow had pleaded guilty to possession of after being arrested along with two others after police received information that the three were allegedly making meth on a snowmobile trail in Ishpeming Township.

He was given probation under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, which can be assigned in cases involving youth aged 17 to 20. No conviction will be placed on Dorow’s record if he complies with the stipulations set forth by this probation.