Community-led initiative reduces energy with free bulbs

HOUGHTON — There’s no question that LED light bulbs last longer and are better for the environment than incandescent light bulbs, and one Copper Country organization is making them available for certain residents.

Every Saturday this May, the Houghton Energy Efficiency Team will be handing out vouchers for LED light bulbs to income-qualified residents.

People who meet those qualifications can come register at ACE Hardware in Calumet from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The vouchers will then be mailed to their home so they can use it to get their light bulbs.

Those living in apartments can receive up to five bulbs, those in houses or half-houses can get eight. The hope is that they switch out their incandescent light bulbs with the far more energy efficient LED ones.

“It’s a community-led initiative to reduce energy use across the Copper Country,” said EET Managing Director Melissa Davis. “So, with this program, using LED’s, LED’s use a lot less electricity than incandescents.”

Income guidelines are 200 percent of the poverty level ranging from $23,340 for a single-person household up to $80,180 for a family of eight.

You’ll need to bring an UPPCO bill and proof of income to qualify.