MARQUETTE — The U.P. Regional Blood Center in Marquette is in critical need for donations.

At this time they are below half of the blood supply that they would like to have. The U.P. Regional Blood Center supplies thirteen hospitals across the Upper Peninsula and are asking for your help.

“We are in a critical need for O–negative, A–negative, and B–negative blood types,” said Coordinator of Blood Collections Sallie Coron, “so if you are that type or you know somebody who is that type, we certainly encourage them to come out and donate blood and support their community blood supply.”

Those who are looking to help can donate once every eight weeks as long as you follow certain requirements that are in place for safety.

“We ask that you be at least seventeen years of age, healthy, hydrated, eat two hours prior to donation, have a pictured I.D., weigh at least 110 pounds and make sure that it has been eight weeks since your last donation.”

To learn more information about donating blood or the community blood calendar, click here.