Demo day at Marquette Golf Club

MARQUETTE — Most golf courses in the U.P. are up and running. In order to have a successful year on the links, a number of golfers looked to upgrade the clubs in their bag today.

Christmas came a little early Tuesday for golf enthusiasts in the central U.P.

For the last fifteen years, the Marquette Golf Club has held ‘Demo Day’ every spring, inviting the top golf club companies in the world to Marquette to show-off their latest clubs.

“We get our members and anyone in the public into the proper equipment so they can enjoy the game more. That’s what we get out of it,” said Marc Gilmore, the Head Golf Professional at the Marquette Golf Club.

“With the custom fitting that a lot of these clubs have, you have the adjustability to come out here and get fit to find out what kind of clubs you want,” said Paul Minz of Cobra Golf.

Minz is the territory representative in Wisconsin and the U.P. for Cobra. He says that the main thing that every golfer he talks to wants is more flight from the golf ball off of the tee.

“Everyone wants more distance, so that’s what we’re all trying to show you, which club is the longest, the latest, and the greatest.”

The best part about demo days? You actually get to try your clubs before you buy them.

“It’s so important to get the right equipment,” added Gilmore. “We’re not all the same, so to buy something right off of the shelf is pretty difficult for most people. If you get the proper equipment, your game is going to improve.”

I just so happened to have my golf shoes with me today, and I couldn’t resist giving the new Cobra Fly-Z driver a try – 275 yards, right down the middle.