Waterfront Safety Task Force – back in action

MARQUETTE — With the return of warm weather and more people looking to head to the lakefront, Marquette is re–establishing it’s Waterfront Safety Task Force.

The Task force was dis–assembled about five years ago but were recently called back into action by the Marquette City Commission. The task force will be re– evaluating their overall current plans of action. They also want to figure out how the new beach near the Clark Park area will factor into things, as well as ways to prevent and improve the risky ice rescues they have to perform every year.

Incident Report

“We are going to take another look at winter safety, we have had seven ice rescues in the past two years, so while summer rescues are down, ice rescues are up,” said Marquette Fire Chief, Tom Belt.

The Task force will rely on statistics and look at near shore and off shore rescues as well as education and support. Along with rescuing residents, they also want to make sure their team is kept safe as well.

“They are very dangerous and man power intensive. We usually have several agencies involved, the county sheriff, the coast guard, city of Marquette Fire Department, EMS so it draws a lot of resources to infect a rescue.” continued Chief Belt.

The newly re–established Waterfront Safety Task Force will have it’s first meeting at the end of this month.