Washington Street construction underway

MARQUETTE — Accommodating weather is allowing the Washington Street improvement project to get a jump start.

The Washington Street improvement project kicked off today. The infrastructure repair and improvement project for downtown Marquette includes complete removal and replacement of curbing and brick pavers. Once the project is complete you will see stamped concrete and the addition of trees. No parking will be allowed during the construction project. But a little bit of temporary inconvenience will benefit everyone in the long run.

“Just providing a safer environment. When the curbing breaks down, it tends to create hazards, so the stamped colored concrete really holds up better in our climate. I think that a lot of that will really be helpful to pedestrians as they are walking along the block,” said Executive Director, Mona Lang, Downtown Development Authority.

The south side of the street on the 200 block of Washington is where the project is being worked on presently. All businesses are open and a little construction did not keep residents away from their favorite local spot.

“It was a little in convenient but it’s worth it because this is my favorite place to come and have coffee with a friend, so I just parked and had to feed the parking meter,” said Roberta Engelhart, Marquette resident.

Also, if you have a personalized paver you have until May 22 to contact to Downtown Development Authority to retreive your brick. Bricks not collected will be re–cycled for reuse on other construction projects.