HUMBOLDT — The new Humboldt Fire Department established, monitored, and extinguished a controlled burn fire Sunday night, on the baseball field behind Junction 95 Tavern & Grill.

The fire was originally planned for the early afternoon, but was pushed back until six p.m. due to dry and windy conditions. The property owner said she looks forward to the field being covered in green grass like it once was years ago.

“The field wasn’t used for about two years, so it was in pretty bad shape,” said property owner Rhonda Numikoski, “it was going to take a lot of work and I thought maybe it would be quicker just to get the fire department out here and do their thing. It’s a brand new fire department, and they needed some practice as well so it kind of worked hand in hand; I got my field burned and they got the practice they needed, so it’s a win-win.”

The fire was contained properly and all went according to plan. The field is expected to host softball games and a music festival later this summer.

Since the Humboldt Fire Department started, they have received a lot of support from Lundin Mining and other local fire departments as well.