ISHPEMING — A local garden took the next step in the process of being completely transformed.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the site of The Partridge Creek Farm in Ishpeming. A garden has been at that location, the corner of First and Euclid, for a number of years.

Dan Perkins is the Partridge Creek Farm Project Coordinator. He says that this farm is all about bringing the people of Ishpeming together.

“Children have a marginal opportunity to see what’s available to them across all spectrums of social economic status and we want to give them opportunities to integrate with people of the community,” said Perkins.

“We want to integrate our community and make them feel at home here and make them feel like they have the same opportunities like everyone else does. Farming is a great way to do that. Farming has always been a challenge for people of the U.P. to grow food, but we have to learn how to do it,” he added.

The Partridge Creek Farm at the Grace Community Gardens will be constructed in about a month’s time. A prototype greenhouse will be among the things constructed at the site.

Perkins is in need of volunteers to help with this project. You can volunteer your time to help with the construction by clicking here.