Pasty central day in history, April 17th

[ Courtesy Pasty Central ] For Pasty Central Day in History, its April 17th. On this day in Upper Peninsula History, names of some of our places today were created.

Pasty Central Day in History, April 17th. Peter White was a young man who came to the Upper Peninsula in the mid 1800’s and started a post office near a lovely harbor in the Central U.P., in those days called Iron Bay.

White’s service was known as the Carp River Post Office which on this day in 1856 changed its name to Marquette three years later became the name of the village and in 1871 Marquette officially became a city. On this day in 1868, the Central Underground Railroad Company was formed in New York to explore the concept of trains underground.

Its biggest competition was the elevated railway, proposed by Charles T. Harvey, who was famous for his work in creating the Sioux Saint Marie Canal. Pasty Central Day in history, April 17th.