ISHPEMING — Today is tax day.

If you haven’t filed your income taxes, we hope you at least filed an extension. Last minute tax filers were heading into local post offices across the country today.
And as usual, post offices were busier than usual.

“It’s been very steady today starting right at 8:30 a.m. this morning. We had people come in and they want to make sure it gets out, we had some that have express mailed it in for whatever reason so it has been very busy at the window today.

There are many reasons people wait til the last minute to file. Some owe money, others just like to procrastinate but some have legitimate reasons.

“I waited until today because I was waiting on the tax documents I needed to file correctly. I just figured out how to get the documents yesterday, that’s the truth.” said Matt Teeters, Ishpeming resident.
“It’s kind of funny because most people will come in and explain to you why they are mailing their tax returns at this late date and it’s just kind of funny the stories that you get,” continued Postmaster Frye.

Now what’s not funny are the penalties if you were not able to file today. If you do not file by today, you might face a failure–to–file penalty. If you do not pay by the due date, you could face a failure–to–pay penalty. The failure–to–file penalty is generally more than the failure–to–pay penalty
More specific penalties can be found at