MARQUETTE — Sixteen people became stranded on Little Presque Isle this weekend and the U.S. Coast Guard was called in to the rescue.

Just after five on Sunday, the Coast Guard received a call from Marquette County Dispatch informing them of the stranded individuals. Coast Guard officials say the people became stranded on Little Presque Isle after a large area of ice that the individuals used to get to the island broke away.

A rescue team launched a boat from the Upper Harbor carrying an inflatable craft, and was able to transport fourteen adults, two children and three dogs safely back to shore. Officials say there were no injuries and none of the stranded individuals ever entered the water.

Temperatures at the time of the incident were in the mid sixties. Warm weather combined with high winds caused the ice to break apart. The Coast Guard and partnering agencies are encouraging people to stay off the ice at this time of year as warmer weather continues to weaken the ice.

[Photo Courtesy: U.S. Coast Petty Officer 2nd Class Gary Hegler]