NMU volleyball team performs well at exhibitions

MARQUETTE — This past weekend, the Wildcats met up at Vandemant Arena for a chance to hone their skills as they prepare for the upcoming volleyball season.

Among the teams that participated as well were Michigan Tech, Lake Superior State and a team of NMU alumni. Coach Dominic Yoder was very vocal about the importance of these spring exhibitions.

“It builds excitement for our season. As you can see, we have quite a few fans that come back to see some of the alumni that are playing, to be able to watch some of our current players really progress. And they’re learning from last fall so I think that it builds excitement and also gives our players an opportunity to play in front of their fans,” Yoder said.

And what are some of the things that Coach Yoder feels like the team can work on?

“I think just playing better defense. I think any team can be better defensively. After we make a strong serve or a strong attack, to be able to prevent them from scoring on that first ball,” said Yoder.

NMU will open their season beginning September 3rd for the Wildcat Open, which is co–hosted at Vandament Arena along with Michigan Tech. The Wildcats will face Lake Superior State and Cedarville on the 3rd, Upper Iowa on the 4th and Fort Hayes State on the 5th.