Council helps H.S. seniors answer real world questions

HOUGHTON — How do I find affordable housing? Do I need to get health care? Where can I get help if I need it? These are all questions seniors face as their high school years count down to graduation.

The Copper Country Community Transition Council is trying to help teenagers find the answers to those questions.

Copper Country Intermediate School District Transition Coordinator Lois Weber said, “Sometimes when kids graduate for high school, they’re not exactly sure what to do and there’s just a big network of vendors and support services that they may not know about and this gives them an opportunity to put a name and a face together and it also helps the teachers and the parents so that they can put a name and a face and if they need some kind of support service, they’ll already have made a contact with that person.”

High School students got the opportunity to speak with different service agencies at a Meet and Greet event in Houghton. Even with families and teachers offering great advice, these organizations can still be a great service.

Baraga High School senior Ashley Beck said, “They, kind of like, tell us how they can help us, like with housing, and not be so scared to, like, get out in the world now.”

At least now when these teenagers do get out into the world, they’ll know where to go for help.