Two Ishpeming councils plan for redevelopment

ISHPEMING — In a rare meeting between two councils, issues of development and zoning ordinances were addressed in a way that will move a community forward.

With new initiatives brought forth from the state of Michigan, the Ishpeming Planning Commission and City Council met to renew zoning ordinances that will make it easier for residents to understand and develop the areas that they live in.

“The city is very strongly considering embarking upon being a redevelopment community. As part of that, there is an extensive series of changes and revisions that have to be made and updates to support that,” said Al Pierce, the City of Ishpeming Zoning Administrator.

In addition to updating the zoning ordinances, the two committees motioned to move forward with the Hematite Heights project.
The city council will begin environmental testing on the land that could be re-purposed for potential residential housing.

“Hematite Heights is out by Malton Road; it’s undeveloped land out of the historically built up portion of the city. Like I said, vacant land, by and large,” added Mark Slown, City Manager.

The Planning Commission has said that the zoning ordinance updates will take at least two years to complete and they plan to begin as soon as possible.