IRON MOUNTAIN — A Dickinson County man charged with child abuse received his sentence today.

Twenty seven year old Ryan Barr will spend twenty–three months to ten years in prison for the charge of second degree child abuse he committed in front of another child.

“I’m sorry, just for everything that everybody’s been through, my kids not being able to grow up with me being there and me being able to continue to be in their life. And I hope that they can, you know, move on and be happy,” said Barr.

“This crime is a crime against the most innocent and helpless members of our society. A young child, in this case a four month old infant, your four month old infant. To do this type of an act to anybody is difficult to understand, difficult to fathom. To do it to a four month old helpless child is incomprehensible. I know by the report, which has not been challenged here today there were multiple injuries found by the physicians upon examining this child at various stages of healing,” said Judge Mary Barglind

Barr was originally arrested in August after dropping his son into a playpen, which caused brain damage. He voluntarily relinquished his parental rights to all three of his children.

Barr will be credited for eighty five days served. Upon release, he will have no contact with his children or their mother. Judge Barglind also suggested that Barr seek treatment for his aggressive and violent tendencies.