38 employers looking to hire meet students at job fair

KEWEENAW — Job seekers in the Copper Country got a chance to speak with potential employers today at a job fair.

In today’s tough employment market job seekers need all the help they can get. That’s why Finlandia University teamed up with Michigan Works! and the Finlandia CEO club to host the 2nd Annual Keweenew Job Fair.

With 38 potential employers looking to hire, this is a great way to find the perfect job. Michigan Works! “It gives them the opportunity to meet with the employers face to face before they’re even showing them their resume, their application,” said Representative Megan Van Karson. “They’re getting to show them their face and kind of present themselves—who they are, without being in an interview.”

In many cases the employers benefitted from the job fair as much as the job seekers because skilled workers can be hard to find.

“Currently, in the local area, there’s no training,” said Allen Dentes of L’Anse Manufacturing. “We’re working with the local high schools to bring in a skilled CTE class to work in the machining field and metalworking and be able to hire right out of high school, people for these very valuable positions.”

With so few jobs in the area the job fair provided a one stop look at everything that is available.

“Locally, around here, I’ve had the most success with the most open positions, but then there is some companies that won’t do internships, which is mainly what I’m looking for,” Luke Paul Finlandia University Marketing Student. “They are either looking for full–time employees or part–time, and it will be hard since I’m an athlete at Finlandia to work that around my schedule.”

The Keweenaw Job Fair may have provided a chance to meet potential employers, but actually landing the job is up to the applicants.