St. Joseph celebrates Good Friday

ISHPEMING — Easter is Sunday, but with Easter comes another important celebration that can’t be forgotten.

Today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ died on the cross.

“We celebrate what could seem as a great weakness of our lord, but it’s also his greatest victory,” said Father Daniel Moll, the Pastor at St. Joseph Church. “He tells his disciples if they wish to follow him they must take up the cross and follow him so that’s what we do. We focus on his passion today.”

There were nearly a hundred people at the service today. While it’s not a mass, parishioners will receive communion from last night’s Holy Thursday ceremony. While Good Friday is a celebration, don’t expect to see balloons or streamers.

“It’s a somber celebration, it’s a liturgical celebration so there’s not many decorations in the church, the alter has been stripped,” Father Moll added.

St. Joseph will have Easter Mass this Sunday at 9:30AM