Marquette pair rescued from ice float

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Fire Department responded to a call for help at Presque Isle yesterday.

The Fire Department says two people became stranded on a break away float of ice in Middle Bay just after 6:30 last night. When firefighters arrived, the pair were around five hundred yards from shore and surrounded by water. The US Coast Guard launched an inflatable boat from an ice shelf about a hundred yards from the victims. They were loaded onto the boat and brought back to shore, where they were evaluated by EMS personnel and released.

The Marquette City Fire Department was assisted on the scene by the Marquette Police Department, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department, The United States Coast Guard, and Marquette General EMS.

The Marquette Fire Department would like to remind everyone that the ice around Marquette is unstable and unreliable. With warming temperatures, everyone should stay off the ice at all times.