MSP Post wins award from Gov. Snyder’s Office

IRON MOUNTAIN — The Michigan State Police Post in Iron Mountain recently won an award from Governor Snyder’s Office.

The 2014 Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission Award went to the post for their efforts in taking care of a problem that two school districts were dealing with. Forest Park and North Dickinson had issues with motorists passing buses while their red lights were activated.

Thanks to traffic safety program from the men and women in blue, the number of these incidents has decreased.

“At the onset of the program, it was 25–30 incidents from September to February during the school year in 2014. It went from 25 incidents down to seven during the part where the Michigan State Police was monitoring the busses. And during the 2014–15 school year, during the first four months it was zero incidents,” said F/Lt. Christine Grabowski.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission was formed in 2002 to identify traffic safety challenges and what could be done to solve the issues.