Lucky driver puts the biscuit in the basket to win big

NEGAUNEE — Fox Motors gave away a free years worth of payments to one lucky winner on Saturday.

Every person that purchased a new or used vehicle during the Spring Shootout event, was automatically qualified to enter in the two round contest. Fox Motors created the event as a way to serve their community.

“We were all sitting around trying to come up for an event for March to do and we were all thinking about March Madness and we said you know what this would be a fun event and someone would benefit from having a whole years worth of payments made for them,” said Brand Manager Luke Hubbard, who helped organize the event.

The first round of the competition took place at each of the three Fox Motors locations. The three first round winners were Tricia Bush, John Betz, and Katee Retaskie. In the end, with a little help from the backboard, Tricia Bush banked in the winning shot to earn a years worth of free payments on her new vehicle.

“I am not a basketball player and everyone who knows me will laugh that I won this somehow,” said Bush, “I’m just excited to one take home the basketball hoop that’s there that we won today. The kids are super pumped, I have a six and a three year old boy so they’re really excited about that. And then I’m excited for the free payments obviously because now I can put that towards something else.”

“We had a great turnout for it, a lot of people came in, we ran some specials and a lot of people showed up today to cheer everybody on,” added Hubbard

Fox Motors plans to make this an annual event and say that they are looking forward to next March.