‘Cat Packs’ coming to a local elementary school

MARQUETTE — Last week, we told you about an organization called 31 Backpacks. They distribute bags filled with healthy foods to students in the Copper Country. Now, there’s an effort to do the same thing in Marquette. It’s being called ‘Cat Packs.’

Students from Northern Michigan University are working together with the Salvation Army of Marquette to put bags together for students at North Star Academy. Cat Packs is gearing up to deliver another round of bags to elementary students later this week, and they’re asking the public for a little help to make this happen.

“We could really use items for personal hygiene. We’re trying to send packs out this week that are a little bit larger in preparing students for the spring break that’s ahead of them, so we’d like to be able to include items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, or anything they may not have access to while they’re at home,” said Sara Pingel, an NMU Graduate Assistant who helps out with Cat Packs.

“Each pack is pretty nutritious. It has several fruits and vegetables in it, some granola bars, cereal, things that we think gets calories to the kids in a healthy way,” added Pingel.

Each of the bags typically cost six to eight dollars each. Cat Packs usually gives away fifty bags per week to students at North Star Academy. This week’s bags will be put together on Wednesday afternoon at the Salvation Army and delivered to the students on Friday.