Working out can help battle winter blues

MARQUETTE — With winter not quite over, some people are still dealing with seasonal depression.

With it being national nutrition month, we stopped in at a local gym as they were hosting a nutrition seminar on the subject. Anytime Fitness holds a free seminar every month on various health topics. Trainers say working out, whether with weights or some good old fashioned cardio, helps relieve stress and makes you feel good about yourself. It also gives you a positive outlook that will help with conquering depression.

“It’s better than medication, better than seeing a doctor every three months. Simply coming in here, getting 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week is going to take care of a lot more stuff than a lot of other ways of doing it, like medications, seeing a doctor, seeing a psychiatrist. You can do all of that with just exercise,” said Kurt White, the manager at Anytime Fitness. “The more you’re moving around, the more energy you have. And it sounds kind of weird, but if you come in here and get a great work out for an hour, you’re going to have more energy throughout the day than you are sitting at home sleeping for an hour. You’re going to have more energy because your body is constantly moving, your blood’s flowing, circulating more. You’re going to feel looser, less tense.”

Kurt also says writing down your goals and accomplishments helps a lot as they help keep you accountable. Anytime Fitness holds it’s free nutrition seminars the third Wednesday of each month.

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