DNR officer says farewell

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s DNR field office is losing a well-loved employee.

Marquette’s Deputy Public Information Officer, Debbie Munson Badini had her goodbye party today. She’ll be taking a job in St. Paul Minnesota as the Boating and Water Safety Coordinator. Debbie grew up in Minnesota, and says she’s excited to be returning to her home state.

“Family is so important. My husband and I have lived in several places around the country as we started our careers but now that we have two little girls we definitely have realized just the importance of having that family support network around to help out, to spend the holidays with, to spend the weekends with. I’m very excited to have that and to have them watch my girls grow up and to get to know them a lot better,” Debbie said.

Debbie worked in Marquette for six years before she took the job in St. Paul. While she’s there, she’ll do a lot of marketing and outreach for the boating and water safety program.

“I’ve always loved being on the water. I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes so I was on the water all the time. So this is something I’m really excited about. I love being here on Lake Superior, but there’s something about walleye fishing in Minnesota that’s unlike anywhere else,” Debbie added.

If you’re interested in taking over Debbie’s job, it has been posted online, and the deadline for application is in mid-April.
You can find the posting here.