MARQUETTE – One of the U.P.’s fiercest rivalries took place tonight. The annual PIGS–N–HEAT charity hockey game took to the ice.

The friendly competition brought in an exceptional turnout at Lakeview arena. When you put firefighters against police officers on the ice, it’s a sight not many can resist. Some did have trouble deciding to root for those who run inside burning buildings to save a life or for those who are willing to stand tall and take bullet.

“The Heat, because my dad plays for the Heat,” said spectator Brianna Holman.

“Pigs, because my dad used to be a cop, and I support them,” spectator Lauren Collins said. “I like the hockey fights.”

“The firefighters are going to bring the heat,” said Matt Marjonen of the Forsyth Township Fire Department.

But this competition isn’t really about who wins or loses. It’s all about the money being raised to help those displaced by fires.

“The best part of the tonight is the funds we raise for fire victims,” said Pigs-N-Heat president Brian Olson. “That’s what’s most important. It only costs a dollar to get in. We’ve never raised the price. We just want people to come, and we have enough money each year to take care of the fire victims, so as long as that happens we’ll keep it at a dollar, and we love having a big crowd.”

More than $350,000 has been distributed to families in need since the game’s inception, thirty two year ago. Although they are all winners….and with all the trash talk, the official winner of tonights’ game are the PIGS, with a victory of 9 to 4.