Levi Wunder wins a big time award

ESCANABA — For the last three years, Levi Wunder of the Escanaba High School hockey team has dazzled us with his moves on the ice. On Wednesday afternoon, Wunder was the one who was dazzled, thanks to a surprise announcement at his high school.

Levi Wunder was named the Warrior Sports High School Hockey Player of the Year by the State Champs! Sports Network. Wunder led the state in points this season, with forty six goals and forty six assists for a grand total of ninety two points in thirty games played. The best part about the award ceremony was that Levi had no idea that this award was coming his way.

“I had absolutely no clue,” said a visibly happy Wunder. “I got called down to the office for a meeting and I thought that I was going to be talking about my future plans with my athletic director and I came down here and got this big surprise. It’s really surreal honestly with all the work that I’ve put in. I’m 18–years–old and I first strapped on skates at 2–years–old. To get this award is unbelievable and I can’t thank everyone enough that’s been there along the way.”

“I’ve known Levi since he’s been in 7th or 8th grade. He’s really put in a lot of time to better himself on the hockey rink. His speed and his ability to carry the puck and set plays up and with his scoring touch, he’s truly fun to watch,” said Matt Hughes, Wunder’s high school coach.

“His level of is on par with anyone else that we had seen throughout the season,” said Lorne Plant from State Champs! Sports Network. “He’s also the people’s champion. When you win the online vote, that means you’re in the final four and you have a 25% chance over everyone else the people and he won by a landslide, say that we want Levi Wunder to be this year’s hockey player of the year… who are we to disagree?”

Wunder is still weighing his options of playing hockey after he graduates from Escanaba H.S. later this year.