Men sentenced for armed robbery charges

MARQUETTE — Jonathan Roy and Kyler Arrieta were each sentenced Monday afternoon by Marquette County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer A. Mazzuchi for their roles in a pair of robberies last year.

On July 11, 2014, police arrested Roy and Arrieta outside an apartment in The Preserve at Orianna Ridge.

They were each originally charged with multiple felony counts, but both men plead guilty to one count each of armed robbery.

“Every man, woman, and child has a god given right and the need to feel comfortable in their home. As a result of mine and my co–defendant’s actions, I’m sure that the families feel that these rights have been taken from them, causing worry and stress in the home,” said Arrieta.

“I am extremely embarrassed and remorseful for being the cause of this,” Arrieta added.

“I hope that the families can find it in themselves to forgive me. Sometimes people do bad things under the influence,” said Roy. “Although I can’t make it up to them, hopefully through my incarceration they can find a bit of closure.”

After Arrieta and Roy addressed the court, their victims were allowed to do the same thing, as they recalled some of the most painful memories that they’ve ever dealt with.

“We once lived freely in our home, with unlocked doors and windows. Now we go through a nightly routine of checking and re-checking to make sure they are locked before we can go to sleep,” said Sheryl Fox. “Arrieta and Roy’s choice to rob our home has changed our lives forever.”

“Mr. Arrieta had a hand gun. He and his companion (Roy) rushed my bed and smashed my face with the gun, breaking my nose, breaking my face, and fracturing my teeth,” said Paul Avery. “The impact dropped me out of bed and onto the floor when I started to breathe profusely.”

“We had a cleaning crew come to our house, but all the blood and glass that my son saw that morning can never be erased from his memory,” said Delair Avery. “I can paint the walls, I can have a cleaning crew come in, but in my son’s mind, it will always be there… a morning of a complete, real-life nightmare.”

Both Arrieta and Roy were sentenced to 15-30 years in prison.