Video store chain raising money for lymphoma research

MARQUETTE — Until March 29th, renting or buying a movie from one national chain will allow you to help make a difference in someone’s life.

Family Video stores across the country are part of Round It Up For Lymphoma.

They’ll ask you to round up the price of any purchases or rentals you make to the nearest whole dollar. If you do, what would have been your loose change will help raise money for lymphoma cancer research.

“I actually lost my father to lymphoma cancer when I was 14, so this whole fundraiser actually hits home for me a lot,” Marquette Family Video employee Christopher Forsberg said. “We have a great opportunity here to raise money and help people like me.”

“We do take dollar donations that go towards half-off deals and other prizes that Family Video has donated,” Marquette Family Video manager Ryan Leaf said. “Lymphoma is something that really is important to us to raise money for.”

Lymphoma is the most common type of blood cancer among adults. More than half a million Americans are living with some form of the disease.

The Marquette store raised $3,100 last year and it has a $4,000 goal this year.