More sentences handed down in Ishpeming meth case

MARQUETTE — Two men arrested in relation to an Ishpeming meth lab uncovered late last year were given sentences Friday in Marquette County Circuit Court.

Steven Greenleaf, 29, will do time in prison for his involvement in the lab that was discovered December 21st. Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi sentenced Greenleaf to three to ten years in prison with credit for time served. He will also have to pay mandatory fines and costs.

Judge Mazzuchi also permitted Greenleaf to enter into the Special Alternative Incarceration program after he serves at least two years of his sentence, but his participation in that program will depend on the decision of the Department of Corrections.

Richard Ellingsen, 24, of Marquette was sentenced to two years probation and five months of jail time with credit for 57 days served. He pleaded guilty to one count of possession of meth in early February. Ellingsen will be transferred to the New Hope inpatient treatment facility for rehabilitation.

“I’m very very sorry to the courts and the people. It’s — until recently, it hasn’t been in my nature to experience — or to experiment with my addiction like I have been, but over…recently it’s got — I realize it’s gotten worse and especially over the last couple months, my head is more clear now than it has been in a long time and I realize how my addiction has affected my actions, and I’m ready to get some help and change my life, your honor,” Ellingsen told Judge Mazzuchi.

Both men were arrested after a meth lab was discovered on Maurice Street which resulted in the injury of two Ishpeming Police officers after they were overcome by fumes from the chemicals used to make meth.

Aimee Fraley, 27, who was also a defendant in this case, was sentenced in late February. The remaining defendant, Juilanne Bradbury, 32, will be sentenced on March 27th.