Officials address U.P. Veterans issues

MARQUETTE — Veteran care issues are a real concern all across America.


And today those issues and concerns hit close to home as the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center held a townhall meeting. Veterans and those who care for veterans got a chance to vent, complain and voice the good and bad about the system snafoos that get in the way of caring for veterans in need.  Officials say the complaints are justified and they are working extremely hard to rectify any and all issues.

“A lot of the concerns come with question as to why they have to travel or having to get approval for using community resources but also for benefits. Like the G.I. Bill or disability claim, it’s a chance for them to share what really concerns them. There are some legitimate concerns that they have and we want to make sure they understand how they can do that without spending money out of their pockets. It is good for us to get out and I enjoy doing that and we also clarify a lot of things that they may not have known,” said Brad Nelson, Public Affairs Officer, Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center.

They were also on hand to talk in detail about the “VA Choice Program” that allows veterans to use more community providers and non VA provided caretakers.

If you have an issue, you can contact the Veterans Association at or call 800 215–8262 x32810.