The “Gender Equality Advantage” discussion

MARQUETTE — The “Gender Equality Advantage”, was discussed tonight at NMU as Dr. Michael Kaufman, speaker, educator and writer was the guest speaker.

Students, educators and community members filled the room to listen and learn. Kaufman says he’s seen enormous progress and transformation of men embracing gender equality.

“To learn more for my educational purposes and to help when I explain my stance on gender equality, I want to be able to back it up with more education and more information.” said Molly Schaller, Sophomore, NMU.
“We live in societies where men have power and privilege. They still dominate in politics, corporate America, media. It means that men have got to share. We have had this 8,000 year affirmative action program for men, it can’t go on any longer so that is an obstacle in the sense that established institutions and beliefs that we are up against, said Author, Dr. Michael Kaufman,

Kaufman is the co–founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women.