ISHPEMING — The beer industry continues to thrive here in the Upper Peninsula and a new microbrewery is set to open its doors later this week.

Cognition Brewing Company will feature five different beers on tap when they open for business this Saturday. The brewery is located in the taproom of the Mather Inn in Ishpeming. Owner Jay Clancey has spent the better part of two years bringing his idea of a brewery to fruition. He wants Cognition to be a part of the re–vitalization of downtown Ishpeming.

“It’s already happening not just with us, but with several other building owners,” said Jay Clancey, who owns Cognition. “It should be a place that people would really like to come back to and have things to do around downtown. If a few things get started, it’s just going to lead to more. If there’s traffic, other people with ideas for a business will take advantage of that traffic.”

“We’re going to have a lot of things to offer for people who like light or dark beers,” said Cognition brewmaster Brian Richards. “We will feature a broad range that will have something for everybody. We’ve got a Belgian Pale that has spices in it, that seems to be pretty popular and a milk stout that I’m real happy with. It turned out really good. Those two are probably going to be our better sellers.”

In the near future, the brewery plans on having up to twelve different beers on tap at one time. Cognition’s grand opening is set for Saturday afternoon at two.