Open forum to discuss motorized boats on Teal Lake

NEGAUNEE — When it comes to the word boating, there are lots of interpretations. For Teal Lake, it means non-motorized crafts, but that may soon change.

Negaunee City Officials plan to open a public forum to discuss the issue. In the past, allowing motorized boats on the lake has been discussed, but no changes were made.

“This is something that’s been pursued for years, in my understanding, for years. The last time it was pursued was 12 years ago. So I think its time to reevaluate the opinions of the residents of the town and find out what they think. The demographics have changed over the past 12 years,” said Nick Visser, a Negaunee City Councilman.

The discussion is still in its early phases. The City Council hasn’t even picked a date to hear public feedback. But, Visser thinks there are benefits to changing the rules.

“There’s numerous ways to create some kind of income off of this and not to mention the indirect income of people in town, they’re going to be spending money in town,” Visser added.

Boating permit fees or boat launch fees could be a potential source of income for the city.