Mount Bohemia offering new ski area next winter

MOUNT BOHEMIA — A new ski area will open up next winter in the Copper Country, the first of its kind in the area.

Mount Bohemia will take skiers via Snowcat to Voodoo Mountain on the north side of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Voodoo Mountain will eventually feature over 1,200 skiable acres off five peaks along the range, though only one group of trails will be open the first year.

Snowcat skiing is where skiers ride a Snowcat to the top and then ski down the mountain to then get picked up again by the Snowcat for a return to the top. Up to 17 skiers can be brought to the site per day and the slopes will be open Wednesdays and Saturdays to start.

The goal is to provide those skiers with untouched snow to ski on along mid-grade intermediate slopes.

“The goal over there is to harvest snow and not go over there a lot and let Mother Nature, the Keweenaw Peninsula, replenish those slopes so that when we do bring an exclusive group over there, they can ski on fresh powder,” Mount Bohemia general manager Vern Barber said.

Voodoo Mountain will feature a Snowcat similar to this one, only newer, bigger and with a much larger capacity. This Snowcat would only be used as a backup. The new Snowcat is on order and will be ready to take skiers to the summit of Voodoo Mountain in December.