Application periods for concealed pistols eliminated

LANSING — A provision in a previous State bill that the Governor’s office claims put domestic abuse victims in danger has been removed from a new bill signed into law today by Governor Rick Synder. Sponsored by Sen. Mike Green, Senate Bills 34 and 35, will eliminate application periods for concealed pistols by creating a uniform, centralized system when applying for a concealed pistol license.

“These bills streamline how we issue concealed pistol licenses, creating a uniform system that will better support the rights of firearm owners in Michigan,” Snyder said. “I appreciate that the Legislature revamped this legislation, removing any unintended consequences that could have put domestic abuse victims in danger.”

The bills also require Michigan State Police to establish an online permit renewal system by October 2018.

Gov. Rick Snyder today signed the legislation that he says will reform how licenses for concealed pistols are issued in Michigan. The goal of the bill is to streamline the process across all Michigan counties, dissolving county gun boards and transferring application and licensing duties to county clerks and the Michigan State Police.

The change makes Michigan the 47th state to update its concealed pistol licensing process in this similar manner.

Snyder vetoed similar legislation last session, despite supporting most of the included reforms, due to a provision that could have increased the risk of violence and intimidation faced by domestic abuse victims who seek court protection.

The bills will take effect Dec. 1, 2015 and are now Public Acts 3 and 4 of 2015.